WordPress 5.0 issues

As we know WordPress is the most popular CMS being used in the development market there are a lot of reasons for this and we mostly notice updates from WordPress each time we have a notification of update that is suggested always to welcome that and we should proceed to that update that will be helpful in some problems the update means there could be some issue or some issue happen in the previous version a new update came to overcome so WordPress is always doing this thing to proceed for updates and every time we update

we feel safe from some unknown problems and now a great a combination of updates with a lot of changes especially in the admin panel editor and the processing of data in admin have been updated in the latest version of WordPress 5.0  as it is recently updated there could be some issues it been tested it’s not issued in WordPress could be issue in the themes or any plugins we are using on our WordPress website can stuck somewhere or could be there some sort of compatibilities issues with that and user get stuck in those issues we also encountered some issue and we are sharing here the issues and there solution as well so that you may get rid of the problems you can encounter .

Mostly a lot of themes and plugins are yet not ready to work with the latest WordPress update and developers are working on them you can get some issues if you update your existing version to the latest one mostly there we have noticed the issue of WordPress editor that doesn’t load the theme default editor that is being used to customize and design theme.

This problem is happening if you have tried to update the WordPress version over an existing theme.

A solution of the problem is pretty much simple you have just go to the plugins and add a plugin for editor the classic editor for WordPress this is the plugin once you will add and activate this plugin you will be now in a state you can use the theme editors and those will be loaded properly

December 6, 2018, is the day we shall remember for the birth of WordPress 5.0 and its new block editor. While we love the new editor, we’re advising people to hold off updating to WordPress 5.0 until early next year when the release will be much more stable. Not to mention, the busy holidays will have come and gone. This should leave you ample time to thoroughly test the new release and come to grips with the inner workings of the new block editor. Here, we’ll explain how you can easily set up a local testing environment to safely test WordPress 5.


if you are having issues with the update you can roll back to the old version, for this reason, you have to take backup of your WordPress and database then use a plugin to roll back to the old version but this is a very hectic task.



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