World first robotic news anchor

The world is moving so fast in direction of artificial intelligence its no far you will hear breaking news and news alerts from robots in this regard China have taken advantage and have stepped forward in this list to be the first one.

Yes, don’t get shocked get ready China have launched their first robot news anchor running with artificial intelligence you can never imagine or understands it is a human or a robot telling you the news updates on your television screen so get ready for that don’t get shocked.

World’s first robotic news anchor

Chines Government news channel (Xinhua) have sat down a robot as a news anchor in their newsroom. He will never get tired to let you know the news around the world throughout the day and night 24/7.

The robot having the red tie and suited will express his hands and body as per the news requirements his gestures and words will be according to the requirements like a real human being behave and express while talking.

Negative rumors and resistance have been noticed from the media persons in China to protest against an innovation that will affect the jobs of media person’s men power.

If it will go one then the media persons have to leave their jobs.

This (Zhengzhou) named digital news anchor have a shape like the real human of the same name and no one can understand the difference between both. This copies and reacts as real human reacts to sounds, emotions, words, and feelings.

However, the chines media industry have felt it as a danger in their industry.

Last year in world entertainment conference in China this robot shocked the people while he announced.

I will let you aware with the news and entertainment not only 24 hours but he will let people updated throughout the 365 days a year you can get tired but you will never feel any sense of tiredness or any scrambling in my voice”.

This robot (ZhingZhao) have the ability to broadcast news in chines and English languages.

After the launch of this robot news anchor, different countries like America and some other are in thinking theme self behind in this world of technology and they are feeling the threat from China to overcome the cyber world.

Some researchers are telling that in near 2020 there will be robotics involved in huge level in the world and a lot of people will get unemployed due to robots getting the place.

As technology is going forward and it is said no one can hide himself from the crime as it is no more difficult to identify the people but the world is also in a severe tension as the same copies of humans are getting launched in the world with a new identity in shape of a robot a human with same gestures intelligence emotions expressions how the world will tackle this weather this would be a start of a new problem or solution .

“This is not the beginning race have been started and soon you will encounter with a robot serving you at any place around you.
Robots will be everywhere all around us robot as an actor robot as a cooking robot as a security guard
robot in very critical situations.
A few years back we just see them in movies or in novels or imaginations now the things happening with huge speed and you can encounter with them get ready for that. If you have seen anywhere or encountered let share with others where you have seen a robot for what purpose in the real world”;

So it informed the people and youth to adopt the skills that will lead you in the future.

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