Youth need jobs, not smartphones

The Congress government is focusing more on the smartphones and technologies instead of the jobs, said by MP Ranjit Singh, PRESIDENT of LokSabha. He further advised to the Punjab government that, don’t destroy the bright future of our youth by providing them with a new type of smartphones. It is right too.

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The excessive use of smartphones is irritating our youth to focus on the main goal of their life. They are going in a wrong way. Excessive use of smartphones is also increasing the drug abusing issues and every third from tenth is now a victim of the drug in India. Education and employment are two basic needs of every teenager.

But the Congress government has been failed in providing these two basic things to the youth. As a result, the Indian youth is on the back foot. They are becoming the slaves of their smartphones, drugs and other illegal activities.

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Due to these issues, a large number of youth is now looking to join SAD Taksali party in the next few days. The youth and SAD are looking for progressive results from the Congress government in Punjab to look after on these matters. Their slogan is, “Youth need jobs, not smartphones.”


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